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   Windridge Solitude

Are you aware of being on a journey, existing for a purpose? Have you ever taken the time to enter a quiet space to discover what your life is all about? In an age where  you can be reached anywhere, anytime, would you like to stop the whirlwind for a moment's rest?

Then come and give yourself a chance to enter the silence.




Our Mission


The defining characteristic of Windridge Solitude...

...is solitude.

This sacred space provides you with the quiet in nature for you to be who you are with God.


My God,

permit me to call the air I breathe and the earth I walk upon

'the air and earth of your infinite mercy'.

+St. Vincent Pallotti (1795-1850)

Contact Information

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Postal address
1932 West Linda Lane Lonedell, Missouri USA 63060


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